February 14, 2017 Events 0

Weekly leagues are open to non-members and club members. Happening on Sundays every week, it is divided into three (3) categories: Men’s and Ladies division, Junior’s division (12-18 years), and Professional’s division. The men’s and ladies division are open to men and women ages to 20 years old and above. The junior category caters to ages 12-18 years old while the professional’s division is limited to professional golfers.

Different categories will be using different tee box markers appropriate for their level. The tee markers will be set in different colors for easy scoring and identification. White tee markers will be used in the men and ladies category. The professionals will be using the blue tee that is used usually for tournaments. This is surrounded with hazards such as water, sand, etc. and is the farthest tee away from the hole making it challenging for the players.

The juniors division and men’s and ladies division will be using the 9-hole course and will start from 07:00 am to 12:00 pm. The competition will resume at 01:00 for the professional’s division. The 18-hole course will be prepared for this match. The league will end at 6:00 with the announcement of winners from each division. Medals and certificates will be given to the winners. All participants will receive certificates as well.