Although El Cortijo Grande Golf Club is open to non-members, those who avail on membership will gain a lot of benefits such as gaining more access to facilities, discounts, lower annual dues, and the priority to get tee-times.  The clubhouse is offering 3 types of membership:

  • Family membership– an unlimited access to the facilities, amenities and golf course for the entire family.
  • Individual membership– allows an individual to have full access to the clubhouse, its facilities and amenities offered.
  • Corporate membership– given to people in a company. Their annual dues and fees would depend on the number of people they have in the corporation.

Membership in El Cortijo Grande Golf Club allows the individuals to become an affiliate on a periodic basis which is in yearly periods. After a year, one has to renew their membership to continue.

Instead of a membership fee, affiliates are entitled to pay annual dues. Their yearly dues would range to $4200 US dollars to $15,000 dollars (depending on the membership you are availing). Late payments would result in a 10% charge. If payment has not been received 5 months after the deadline, the membership would be canceled.

*Availing of membership subjects you to: access facilities, follow the club’s rules and regulations, and pay dues and fees. The membership is terminable, non-transferable and non-proprietary. It does not allow, carry, or grant the member an ownership entity and other interests to the golf club and its facilities.