El Cortijo Grande Golf Club is a semi-private clubhouse that offers access not just to its members but to the non-members as well. We are famous for our well-tended parkland course with 18 holes that are perfect for professionals and beginners. Tee times are offered but are not required.

If you feel some inkling to play golf for recreation, sport, and tournament(s), then you are on the right place. We offer only the best for our members and guests with our top-notch facilities and amenities, a standard golf course and full access to practice areas. We also show our care for our customers through setting up reasonable rules and regulations.

Membership in El Cortijo Grande Golf Club is offered with no membership fee and initiation cost. One has to only pay annual dues then a full-access to the golf course will be yours. If are interested in availing a tee time or join a tournament. Set your reservations in advance, probably a month or a week ahead of the designated schedule.

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